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To find the Black Salty baitfish dealer nearest you, or order your baits via Federal Express Overnight Delivery, call our toll-free hotline at 1-877-GO-SALTY (1-877-467-2589).

Fedex shipments are delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays. Call to verify shipping schedule and regulations in your state regarding the use of Black Salty baitfish in freshwater, and where applicable, saltwater.

Orders for shipment must be received by 10a.m. CST on the day of shipping.

During the Fall and Winter shipments are 1-2 a week depending on volume.

Choose from three sizes: Small (2"-3"), Large (4-1/2"-5") and XL (6"-7")

Available in 5- or 10-pound boxes

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A Letter from Black Salty Dealers Richard and Kandy Seay, Lake Fork Country Store, Yantis, TX
Dear Mr. Anderson:

Richard and I wanted to take time to send you this small note to thank you once again for developing the Black Saltys. It has increased our sales and made taking care of our bait so much easier. I wish some fishermen were not so hard-headed, and we could sell more.
It takes some time to educate the fishermen to the durability and effectiveness of the Black Saltys, but I am happy to do so. We advertise the Black Saltys in the Fisherman's Guide: News You Can Use paper.

Thank you

Kandy and Richard
David Wilson-Tennessee angler and tournament competitor

"I've been using the Black Salty almost exclusively since October. I have done side-by-side testing with shad and bluegill, and know for a fact that the Black Salty works every bit as good, if not better, than both. A lot of the guys in my striped bass club think shad are the only way to catch big fish. Meanwhile, I just keep on catching heavyweight stripers on the Salty."



The West Coast, The Gulf Coast and the Eastern Seaboard. Lakes and rivers throughout the United States. Private ponds and impoundments of all sizes. You name it, in freshwater or saltwater, inshore or offshore, the pond-raised Black Salty baitfish has earned its reputation as "The Ultimate Live Bait."

No more leaving home early to buy live bait. No more long waits in long lines only to learn supplies have sold out. And no waste. Keep the baits you don't use for your next trip. With proper care and handling, 12 months a year, you can hold your baits in an aerated freshwater livewell and have them when you need them!
Whether you're a professional charter captain, a tournament competitor or simply a weekend angling enthusiast, there is no more field-test-proven, cost-effective, flat-out fish-catching live bait than I.F. Anderson Farms' Black Salty baitfish.



Black Salty Silver King

Ever wonder if trophy tarpon will hit the Black Salty baitfish? Wonder no more. That's Marcus Poffenberger of Bellville, Texas, fighting a 150-pound-plus Silver King inside the world-class big game waters of Pass Cavallo near Port O'Connor. "We had previously used live mullet," Poffenberger explains. "It was frustrating, not to mention a lot of work, to cast-net good-sized mullet and then have to release all the baits we didn't use. Then I heard about the Black Salty. We fished XL Saltys side-by-side with live mullet for the first time in mid-September and hooked several tarpon over 100 pounds. All but one went for the Salty. I was going to take the remaining baits home," he says, "but then the bull redfish started to run (check out the Black Salty Baitfish Facebook Fan Page for photos and more info). Those big reds ate every Black Salty we had," he concludes, "so I'm ordering more. Meanwhile, I've already thrown away my cast net." Poffenberger and family own and operate Bellville Meat Market.

9 Sep 2011 - 12:04 by Larry Bozka Photo of the Week |
Mounted Striper

If you need proof positive that the Black Salty baitfish is a smokin'-hot live bait for trophy striped bass in the hot-weather months, it's hanging on David Donham's living room wall. This mounted 35-pounder is one of a trio of Lake Quachita stripers up to 38 pounds that the veteran Arkansas guide just got back from the taxidermist. "I catch lots of big stripers on Large-Size Black Saltys during the heat of summer," Donham says. "Unlike shad, I can drop a Salty down 60 or 70 feet and be confident that the bait will be kicking just as hard down deep as it was when I put it on the hook." All three fish, he notes, were taken under sunny skies well after sunup, between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m. Expect to see more of Donham and crew's catches in the coming weeks, both here at and on the Black Salty Baitfish Facebook fan page as well. For trip info, call David Donham Guide Service at 501-315-2650 or 501-590-9850.

1 Aug 2011 - 13:15 by Larry Bozka Photo of the Week |


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